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M     A     K     E     D     A

o       r       n       a       m       e       n       t       s          n       e       c       k 

M  A  K  E  D  A  sewing is a brand of jewels loan has to carry top of the range and custom-made product of Africa Subsharienne and Oriental specialized in ornaments of neck which has for reference the classic art Bantu home spreading out from Egypt to South Africa. Of cultural origin Égypto-Nubienne, our Jewels are identical products, inspired by the nobility and by the Bantu bourgeoisie of Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia of former days as well as various kingdoms of the continent, revisited and updated, so redrawing the periods of diverse civilizations and monarchies of Southern and oriental Africa.

M   A   K   E   D   A   a firm of ornaments is not only; the time of a look, a try, a purchase, the brand shares you its vision and offers you the opportunity to travel at the heart of Africa and of old East; a timeless and unforgettable experience, the occasion to retie for some with a thousand-year-old culture and for others the opportunity  to discover a particular identity.

So through our collections we offer you the opportunity to discover the cultural ornaments   M   A   K   E   D   A , interlaced by fabrics and precious jewels, who undoubtedly, shall know how to seduce you and cheer up apples of your eyes.

 " Symbol of elegance and refinement our invaluable jewels will know how to seduce you and decorate you has the perfection "